12 Survivors Emergency Hand Crank Radio/Flashlight

$ 38.99

Brand: 12 Survivors

Important weather details, news updates and lighting is crucial, the 12 Survivors Emergency Hand-Crank Radio/Flashlight can be a vital tool. This reliable device features a high-output flashlight with a low and high setting for bright illumination in dark environments, and a loud FM radio for access to essential information. Equipped with a sturdy hand-crank dynamo and an output cable for fully charging the device in a timely manner, this lightweight, battery-free instrument acts as a low-maintenance platform for several emergency needs. The 12 Survivors Emergency Hand-Crank Radio/Flashlight is the ideal companion for any survival situation.


  • Input USB charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Lanyard


  • No batteries needed
  • Quick wind up time to charge unit
  • Non-slip grip
  • Clear ad loud FM radio
  • Up to 7 LED lights on flashlight


 Output current >29mA
Output voltage Per minute rate is 120rpm; max voltage is 6V when accelerated
Max output power 1.2W
LED lifespan >1000000 hours
Hand crank dynamo Full charge > 1 hour
Radio At full charge, radio 1.5hr
Hand crank dynamo Dynamo 1 minute (120 rpm/min), 5 LED over 10 min, radio 5-6min
FM frequency range 88-108 MHZ
FM radio Max power is .2W, sensitivity 18-23uV
Dimensions 153x54x44mm
Weight 170g