12 Survivors Hand Axe

$ 50.99

Brand: 12 Survivors

The 12 Survivors Hand Axe combines traditional and modern designs, and is built as a lightweight alternative to the more traditional hatchet. Its rubber-coated handle is great for wet conditions and will not slip out of your hand when in use. With the built-in chisel being used as a prying or chipping tool, the 12 Survivors Hand Axe is a versatile addition to the Knife Kit.


  • Soft anti-slip handle
  • Stainless steel blade
  • 3CR13 Steel
  • Multi-purpose pry bar
  • Nylon sheath

Goes Great With:

  • Knife Rollup Kit - TS42001B


Handle Nylon and TPR
Blade Stainless Steel in black finish
Size (overall) 288x105x22mm
Size (handle) 137x52x22mm