12 Survivors Multi-tool

$ 38.99

Brand: 12 Survivors

The 12 Survivors Multi-Tool combines versatility and strength, providing a solution to any project. Its versatility allows you the convenience of having all the basic tools you need in one compact and lightweight, handheld unit. The all aluminum frame provides the strength to handle tough jobs, while the locking mechanism ensures the tool in use stays in the open position until the job is finished. Complete with a nylon pouch, and a snap button loop for easy attachment to additional gear, the 12 Survivors Multi-Tool will complete any challenge thrown its way.


  • Built-in spring
  • Locking/release mechanism
  • Nylon pouch with belt loop included


 Material Anodized aluminum
Finish of tools Black oxide
Dimensions (closed) 10.6x4.5x2.2cm
Dimensions (opened with plyers only) 16.4x13.5x2.2cm
Weight 8.8oz