Dead Ringer Trauma Broadheads 100gr 2-Blade 2in. Cut 3pk

$ 44.99

Brand: Sportman's Supply, Inc.

The Trauma has an adjustable cutting diameter from 2 1/2" to an absolutely devastating 3 1/8". Our Patent pending blade adjustment system allows the hunter to adjust from 2 1/2" to 3 1/8" with a simple set screw adjustment. The spring stainless steel blades are the best in the industry and virtually indestructible unlike any of our competitors. The T-6 aluminum ferrule is the toughest in the industry and was designed from the same material used in Nascar rear axles. The chisel tip design shatters bone on contact allowing the blades to maintain kinetic energy longer and cut deeper than any other blade. The massive exit wound allows for an immense blood trail