Firefield Green Laser Sight w/ Barrel and Weaver Mounts

$ 66.99

Brand: Firefield

You only need one clean shot to engage your enemy make it count. The Firefield® Green Compact Laser is a dynamic, powerful unit built to do the job. Powerful enough to be visible from 50 yards during the day and 600 yards at night, this highly versatile unit is equipped with a weaver rail and easily affixes to a wide variety of firearms, from rifles to shotguns.
Built for rapid target acquisition and easy attachment, this unit features a tactical pressure pad and a user-friendly on/off push button switch that can be activated quickly. Ideal for use in home defense, the powerfully bright green laser can pacify targets and alleviate threats quickly. Constructed from sturdy, anodized aluminum, the unit is lightweight, so it won™t way Firearms down, while still remaining durable and shockproof. The Combo Green Laser Sight with Barrel and Weaver Mount also makes a great training tool and can serve as an important tool for intense Airsoft action.
Note of caution: this device is intensely bright. Avoid Direct contact with eyes and always wear proper eye protection. Be sure to read the operational manual before use.


User Manual