Firefield Heavy Duty Laser Flashlight Foregrip

$ 102.99

Brand: Firefield

The Firefield® Heavy Duty Laser Flashlight Foregrip is a two-in-one, precision-machined
tactical accessory providing optimal stability on your AR rifle. Featuring a Cree® Q5 LED
230 lumen bulb, the built-in flashlight with integrated reflector projects bright, concentrated
illumination to ensure users place the most difficult shots in pitch black darkness. The
built-in 5mW red laser is used for target acquisition at close ranges. The laser has built-in
windage and elevation adjustments that allow the laser to be accurately sighted in with
your rifle’s sight.

The unit is equipped with two modes—full brightness and strobe—with a push-button
switch for momentary on/off activation. Including an attachable red filter lens, operators
can use the Heavy Duty Laser Flashlight Foregrip with night vision for a much-needed
beam of light without giving away your presence to nearby targets.