Firefield Interchangeable Tactical Flashlight and Green Laser Pistol Kit

$ 66.99

Brand: Firefield

When unwanted visitors slip into your home under the darkness of night, defeat isn't an option. Be ready to confront them with the one of the most dynamic and versatile shooting accessories available on the market. FirefieldĀ® brings you the Interchangeable Tactical Flashlight/Green Laser Pistol featuring a 120 lumen LED for maximum brightness and weapons-mountable capabilities for pistols.
What makes this unit highly versatile is its ability to switch from a pistol flashlight to a powerful green laser. Its modular design allows operators to easily attach or detach the light and laser to the weapon mount. This lightweight and compact system will not add excess bulk to the Firearm and allows for easy operation by left and right-handed shooters. Simply swap out the flashlight module for the green laser and the unit becomes a green laser designator. Able to be seen up to 100 yards in daylight, the laser is perfect for tactical shooting or home defense.
Engineered with a sleek, compact design, the Interchangeable Tactical Flashlight/Green Laser Pistol is ideal for travel and easy attachment. Additionally, the unit features a built-in mount, which attaches securely to pistols for a seamless and action-packed shooting experience.


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