Firefield Nightfall 3.5x42 Digital Night Vision Monocular

$ 186.99

Brand: Firefield

With daylight fading, keep the perpetrator in your sights with the FirefieldĀ® Nightfall 3.5x42 Digital Night Vision Monocular. Featuring a powerful, built-in PULSE IR System infrared illuminator, this cutting-edge night vision device produces a crisp, clear image, perfect for use in security and general observation situations in both daytime and nighttime. The monocular is used with one eye only, allowing the other eye to maintain peripheral vision.
High resolution CCD Chips and multi-coated optics ensure a clear, bright image with detailed resolution. Featuring a modern, easy-grip design with a rubber-armored body and lightweight frame, the Nightfall 3.5x42 Monocular is built for durable, long-lasting operation. The unit is also water resistant, letting nothing stand in the way of your target.


User Manual