Firefield Spartan 4x50 Night Vision Monocular

$ 270.99

Brand: Firefield

The Firefield NVMT 4x50 night vision monocular is an incredible multi-functional unit. Both compact and lightweight, this versatile monocular weighs only 13oz. Featuring a durable, rubber armored body the 4x50 is weather resistant and completely capable of being taken off the beaten path. The NVMT is held in the palm of your hand so it can be taken anywhere. The built-in Pulse IR system uses a powerful infrared illuminator to provide added light detection under conditions where there is little or no detectable light and the illuminator's pulsating beam reaches 2 to 3 times farther than other infrared systems and reduces battery drain. The incredible 50mm lens ensures powerful light gathering and light transmission for a pristine image. High magnification with multicoated lenses offers crisp, clear viewing. The monocular also comes with a carrying case and strap.