Firefield Tracker LT 2x24 Waterproof Night Vision Binocular

$ 554.99

Brand: Firefield

The Firefield Tracker 2X24 Waterproof Night Vision Binocular is rated IPX5 on the IP scale. The Tracker 2x24 WP night vision binocular offers greater water resistance than the other night vision binoculars. Provides 2X magnification with a wide angle field of view. The Tracker’s water proofing makes it just as at home on the water as it is on land. The unit is versatile, powerful and comfortable. The Tracker 2x24 WP is configured with a pair of 1st generation intensifiers and Firefield’s proprietary Pulse IR illumination system. The efficient Pulse circuitry allows the IR to reach further into the night while minimizing battery drain. The Tracker's lenses are fully multicoated for maximum light transmission and clear viewing under difficult conditions.