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Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 LE 3x50 Night Vision Riflescope w/ QD mount

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Brand: Pulsar

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Equipped with a thin-filmed Law Enforcement Grade tube and modular IR illuminator, the Pulsar Phantom 3x50 Gen 3 w/QD Mount Select Night Vision Riflescope provides high resolution and high sensitivity in low light environments. Constructed from fiber-glass reinforced nylon composite and duraluminum material, the Phantom is wear-resistant, weather proof and ready for use in the toughest hunting conditions and tactical applications.
Coupled with 57-64 lp/mm resolution, a large 50mm objective lens for high light gathering and the 3x magnification, this riflescope offers a 700-meter range of crisp observation. The Phantom comes standard with a red and green illuminated Mil-Dot reticle, allowing the shooter to estimate a target's distance and, when necessary, adjust for bullet lead time and bullet drop. With its quick-detach mount, the Phantom provides return to zero, offering the ability to easily detach and re-attach the riflescope quickly without having to re-zero the weapon sight. This feature also allows the shooter to utilize a single weapon platform for daytime and nighttime shooting. The device includes a hard case for added protection, and an official data sheet that confirms the unit has been tested and matched spec for spec.