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Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 MIL Spec 3x50 Night Vision Riflescope w/ QD mount

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Brand: Pulsar

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The Pulsar Phantom 3x50 Gen 3 MIL-Spec Riflescope w/ QD mount provides high resolution and high sensitivity in low light environments. Its auto-gated, Gen 3 unfilmed image intensifier tube meets MIL-Spec requirements, providing higher gain and photosensitivity over filmed, commercial-grade image intensifier tubes. Combined with the tube, its modular 100 mW IR illuminator with 805nm wavelength increases the viewing distance and brightness in complete darkness or low ambient lighting conditions. Additionally, its 3x magnification accomplishes up to 700 meters of crisp observation.
The Phantom comes standard with a red and green illuminated Mil-Dot reticle, allowing the shooter to estimate a target's distance and, when necessary, adjust for bullet lead time and bullet drop. With its quick-detach mount, the Phantom provides return to zero, offering the ability to easily detach and re-attach the riflescope quickly without having to re-zero the weapon sight. This feature also allows the shooter to utilize a single weapon platform for daytime and nighttime shooting. The device includes a hard case for added protection, and an official data sheet that confirms the unit has been tested and matched spec for spec.