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Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 MIL Spec 4x60 MD Night Vision Riflescope

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Brand: Pulsar

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The Pulsar Phantom 4x60 MD Gen 3 Unfilmed 64-72Ip L3 Night Vision Riflescope features a 4x magnification, a 60mm objective lens and highly durable, nitrogen-purged housing. Its auto-gated, L3 Gen 3 unfilmed image intensifier tube meets mil-spec specification, providing a higher resolution (64-72lp), gain and photosensitivity over filmed, commercial-grade image intensifier tubes. Combined with the L3 unfilmed Gen 3 ITT image intensifier tube, the 4x magnification gives shooters an 850-meter range of observation of human-sized targets.
The Phantom 4x60 MD Gen 3 Unfilmed includes a modular, 100 mW IR illuminator with an 805nm wavelength, providing exceptional viewing distance and brightness. Users can attach the unit when needed for applications such as hunting, and remove it when not needed for tactical situations. Removing the unit prevents accidental activation and the risk of giving the shooter's position away. The unit is equipped with advanced optical features, including a 101.5 mm focal length and 50 mm eye relief. Its 60mm objective lens picks up additional lighting to maximize image brightness. To increase the magnification from 4x to 6x, users can attach a lens converter (sold separately) to the objective lens.