Pulsar Quantum HD38S 2.1 - 4.2x32 Thermal Imaging Monocular

$ 4,566.99

Brand: Pulsar

Engineered for high definition, “white hot” and “black hot” target viewing at distances of more than 900 yards away, the Pulsar Quantum HD38S Thermal Imaging Monocular is the premier choice for a wide variety of applications including: search and rescue missions, reconnaissance, hunting, and covert law enforcement/military operations. The HD38S features 3 new operating modes and calibration modes, allowing users to customize the monocular to their surrounding environment.
The Quantum HD38S can detect heat signatures beyond what night vision can see, successfully penetrating through fog and smoke in day and nighttime operations. The 3 new brightness modes (City, Forest and Identification) deliver enhanced contrast, significantly improving rendering of hot object details. Operators can choose from the automatic, manual or semi-automatic calibration modes, which calibrates the image in just 1 to 2 seconds.
Its high 30 hertz frame rate also contributes to a smoother, more consistent image of faster-moving objects at long distances. The longer-distance viewing is made possible by the 2x digital zoom, which increases the 2.1x magnification to 4.2x, and high definition OLED display—the clearest display resolution available on the market.