Pulsar Recon X870 Digital Night Vision Monocular

$ 1,206.99

Brand: Pulsar

The Pulsar Recon X870 digital night vision monocular features a 5.5x magnification and 752x582 camera resolution for a crisp, detailed view. The new Recon is designed with an intuitive easy-to-use interface, packed into a lightweight and durable composite housing. The X870 features the highest sensor resolution of all Recon models, a 50% increase in resolution going from the 850R to the X870. Equipped with an OLED display with 640x480 resolution, the X870 can be used in colder environments down to -13 F. The Recon X870 model is designed with a 915nm laser IR illuminator that is invisible to naked eye, an ideal application for law enforcement professionals.