Rage Cage Arrow Quiver 5-Arrow Quiver AP Camo 32600

$ 69.99

Brand: Sportman's Supply, Inc.

The Rage Cage is a lightweight low profile quiver designed specifically to hold your Rage broadhead equipped arrows. The longer carbon fiber dipped polymer hood keeps your broadheads protected ensuring they will be ready when the moment of truth arises. The Rage Cage weighs in at just 8 oz and mounts to the bow using a revolutionary SnapTrap design for a secure hold and silent detachment. Featuring the TwistLock system of broadhead retention system holds any mechanical broadhead securely inside the hood to prevent noise and blade deployment. The dual arrow retainers are designed to hold any arrow from the largest aluminum down to the micro-diameter carbons. Features: Extended Carbon Fiber Dipped Polymer hood; TwistLock broadhead securing system; Dual "fits-all" arrow retainers hold all types of arrows; Weighs just 8 oz.; SnapTrap tension adjustable mounting system; Low profile design; Braided nylon hanger loop. Technical Information: Number of Arrows - 5 ; Stem Material - Aluminum; Hoo