Sightmark CVR 640 Digital Video Recorder (Not Recoil Rated)

$ 186.99

Brand: Sightmark

The Sightmark® CVR 640 Digital Video Recorder is a portable electronic unit designed to record the image produced by various digital night vision devices equipped with a video output. The CVR640 features a built-in weaver mount, making it compatible with all Sightmark digital night vision products and any digital recording unit with RCA and a 3.5mm video output jack. The device also converts an analog signal into a digital signal, and transfers recorded videos to a personal computer via a USB cable. The CVR 640 Digital Video Recorder has a long operating time of 6-7 hours, a recording time of 40 minutes with a 1 GB card and low-power consumption. The compact, lightweight device needs only three AAA batteries to operate.


User Manual