Sightmark H2000 Flashlight

$ 106.97

Brand: Sightmark

Featuring 2,000 lumens of bright, Cree® LED illumination, the Sightmark® H2000 Tactical Flashlight is a powerful device designed to brighten the darkest of situations. Ideal for any tactical, hunting, home-defense and personal security situation, the H2000 Tactical Flashlight has five push-button modes: 2,000 lumens, 1,150 lumens, 270 lumens, strobe and SOS. The unique strobe mode acts as a vital tool in emergency situations as an alert, a decoy, or to distract and disorient specific targets. The flashlight yields an aircraft-grade aluminum construction and type II MIL-SPEC anodizing for incredible durability and resistance to abuse on AR-15s. Featuring an IP67 weather rating, the H2000 Tactical Flashlight is 100% dustproof and submergible to 1 meter for 1 hour. The H2000 Tactical Flashlight includes a weapon mount, push on/off button, pressure pad and three color lens filters. Green filters assist in map reading, while red filters help to preserve night vision and assist with varmint hunting without being detected by their prey. Blue filters are also used by hunters and assist in illuminating blood trails.


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