Sightmark P4 Triple Duty Tactical Flashlight

$ 56.97

Brand: Sightmark

Tested and recommended by the National Tactical officers Association, Sightmark® P4 Triple Duty Tactical Flashlight is equipped with a high intensity 160 lumen Cree® LED light beam that illuminates the darkness bright enough to assist any shooter with the most difficult shot. Its Aircraft-grade aluminum construction and type II MIL-SPEC anodizing makes this device both incredibly durable and corrosion resistant. The P4 Triple Duty Tactical Flashlight's 1,000G recoil resistance is the true test of its resilience and readiness to be in the thick of action. The flashlight features three settings including 160 lumens, 80 lumens and an emergency strobe function. With the included push on/off button, lanyard and belt or pocket clip, this flashlight is a truly versatile instrument that should be added to every well-stocked arsenal.


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