Sightmark Triple Duty AT5R Red Designator

$ 54.99

Brand: Sightmark

Perfect for fast-moving targets, close-combat situations, home defense or varmint shooting, the Sightmark® Triple Duty AT5R Red Laser Designator is a highly versatile product designed with the tactical shooter in mind. The 5mW laser device is equipped with non-deviating windage and elevation adjustments to ensure a hold at zero, even through rough handling and heavy recoil. Shooters can make their mark from more than 1,300 yards away at night and up to 50 yards during the day. Constructed from Aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum, the Triple Duty AT5R Red Laser Designator has a longer battery life and is more durable than most compact or mini lasers. The unit also includes a pressure pad to save battery life and keep the action going.


User Manual