Southern Crossbow Rebel 350 Crossbow Package

$ 499.99

Brand: Southern Crossbow

The Rebel 350 is ideal for experienced crossbow users wanting to up their game. Hunters and rifle shooters who enjoy speed and the thrill of the chase, but want the experience of using a bow, will also find the Rebel 350 to be a suitable match. With state-of-the-art, modern features, an ergonomic design, and a quicker learning curve than the compound bow; users can start using this crossbow quickly and effectively. The Rebel 350 helps shooters easily transition from gun to bow without a substantial adjustment period. Equipped with a picatinny rail on the bottom and a weaver rail on top, users can apply a variety of accessories including night vision units. Its compound levering system; composite, split limb design; sturdy fore-grip; and 155-pound draw weight offer exceptional power and durability. Its quiet cams and 350 fps arrow speed ensure a quick and stealthy kill for every shot.


User Manual