Southern Crossbow Risen XLT 385 Crossbow Package

$ 859.99

Brand: Southern Crossbow

Built for unparalleled agility and precision accuracy, the Southern Crossbow™ Risen XLT 385 delivers 385 fps speed for a quick and stealthy kill every time. Featuring a rock-solid split limb design and swift, quiet cams, the Risen XLT 385 shoots 350gr and above crossbow bolts effortlessly. Its picatinny rail on the bottom and weaver rail on top allows shooters to apply a variety of accessories and night vision units, making it the ideal weapon to track down prey day or night. The bow also features an anti-dry fire mechanism to prevent damage to the crossbow limbs. If the shooter forgets to place an arrow on the flight deck, the bow will not fire.
The Risen XLT 385 includes: a 4x32 crossbow scope, a foot stirrup, four field tip arrows, a quick detach quiver, string wax and safety glasses—everything needed for the ultimate crossbow experience.