Tent Cot Compact Collapsible Tent Cot TC701

$ 149.99

Brand: Sportman's Supply, Inc.

The new and improved CTC Standard(Compact Tent Cot in standard size)from Kamp-Rite folds down to an easy-to-handle 43¬タンx10¬タンx9¬タン package weighs 29lbs. The CTC Standard sets up in seconds and provides a comfortable ambient sleep. A zippered polyester and mesh entry affords easy access to the fully enclosed 81¬タン x 28¬タン sleeping area. Two overhead zippered windows provide air flow on warm nights. The tent top portion of the CTC Standard zips on and off of the base and can be used on the ground as a standard one person tent. The bottom base cot of the CTC Standard can then be used independently ᅡᅠas a standard sleeping cot. The CTC Standard is a truly innovative